Serving trays

Service trays play an essential role in the catering industry, whether for restaurants, communities, HORECA (hotels, catering and coffee) or CHR (cafes, hotels and restaurants). These practical accessories are designed to facilitate the transport of dishes, drinks and cutlery, while guaranteeing an efficient and professional service .

Serving trays: essential allies for catering professionals

Serving trays are essential equipment for catering establishments, whether small or large. They allow carrier personnel multiple orders simultaneously, improving productivity and reducing customer wait times. Thanks to their ergonomic design , these trays also reduce the risk of tipping and spillage, ensuring safe service .

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Key Features of Serving Trays

  • Quality materials: The serving trays are made from food grade materials. These materials guarantee optimal durability and hygiene.

  • Varied Sizes and Shapes: Serving trays come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the specific needs of each establishment. From rectangular platters to round platters, it's easy to find the one that best suits your serving style.

  • Raised edges: Most serving trays are equipped with raised edges to prevent items from sliding around during transport. This keeps food and drink in place, reducing the risk of spills.

  • Ergonomic Handles: Comfortable handles allow staff to carry the trays easily, reducing fatigue during peak hours.

Advantages of serving trays in catering

  • Service Efficiency: By using service trays, servers can handle multiple orders at once, speeding up the service process and improving overall restaurant efficiency.

  • Neat Presentation: Serving trays offer neat presentation when delivering food to customers. This creates a positive and professional impression of the establishment.

  • Cost-effectiveness: With fewer spills and breakages, serving trays reduce costs associated with product loss.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Prompt and well-organized service leads to better customer satisfaction, encouraging customers to return and recommend the establishment.

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